Live Results Coming In

Posted on June 17th, 2008

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In as much the results of my live set that the Nerdcore For Life After-Party show, are turning up on the net, thanks to my cheap digital camera and the camera work of MC Gigahertz. Gentlemen, Behold, me performing “Full Disclosure” off of Opensource Lyricist:

I’d embed it, but Live Journal seems to balk at the embeds.

BTW, the movie is quite good. Really a film about nerdcore as a genre and not so as much about the artists who make it, and the result of that works very well in my opinion. I’m almost shocked how nerdy I am looking at it from the outside looking perspective at points – I’m *so* otaku, it’s nuts. Plus, my nerdcore friends and girlfriend all come off as awesome (especially my girlfriend, but I am biased :))

So, if you can catch Nerdcore For Life, do so. It’s time and money well spent.

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Last Night At The Improv

Posted on May 23rd, 2008

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Or rather, last nights improv with electronic music producer Synthead who coincidentally is the brother of a good friend of mine, Lucy. Lucy also recorded on a Sony digital camera said improv which started lol money tribute, but soon veered into other territory:

Honestly, this is not a rick roll, though maybe I should have done that too.

My contribution is admittedly problematic at points (over-referential flow style,) but Synthead lays down some sick beats and synths. Definitely fun, and something I should probably do again. Maybe with more freestyle and less cover lyrics. Might keep the Lil Wayne flow though – it’s fun.

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Reports Exaggerated, Etc. + ComicCon Video

Posted on August 4th, 2007

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So, turns it’s just Sinusitis (aka a Sinus Infection.) Of course, since it wasn’t just viral, I was put on some good old fashioned Amoxicillin (only 4 bucks at Target, even for my totally uninsured self,) so I’ll be ok. Still sucks a bit though.

Meanwhile, I’m back in Canada, chilling in a internet cafe while my girlfriend drops off some presents from Comic Con for a friend of hers. Tomorrow (or maybe the day after,) I will be driving out to Kelowna, followed by driving to my girlfriend’s hometown of Castlegar so I can spend some time with her, and so that I can see where she grew up.

Then, I’m back home to prove that I’m an awesome and skilled producer, as I will not only finish atleast an EP for Rai, and either do self-replication or get pro-replication done in time for Kumoricon, I might just have a little project that’s, oh, two years overdue out in time for PAX. Why? Because I want to and because I can.

Speaking of egotism, watch this video of me at the Capcom Booth at Comic Con 2007. For something more interesting (in as much as it’s not reliant solely on my stage presence,) check out this video of Nursehella and I performing our collab on the same stage.

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Posted on June 20th, 2007

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Of me performing.
Girls With Glasses.

Boy, no one has ever seen that on YouTube before. However, the audio quality is good enough to hear all of the trip-ups on that video, and that if that isn’t good enough, you can always download the awesome and totally not buggy* DivX Video Plug-In for your browser, and watch it in Standard or Hi-Def. So, a huge thanks to DivX for having myself and various other great Nerdcore acts out to CES perform, and for getting a great filmmaker out there to shoot the event.

*=this is a lie. It crashed my browser repeatedly. However, DivX did pay me money to perform at CES. I’ll cut them some slack.

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Looks like I got this blog back up barely in time…

Posted on April 30th, 2007

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…to shamelessly brag about being in 10th place on a list of The Top 10 Nerdcore Artists of All Time. Actually, really surprised that I managed to barely sneak on the list. There are certainly other artists in this genre who manage to lay down a more accessible and traditionally hiphop sound, and there are certainly mc’s who have recieved a lot more real world press attention, so I’m kind of surprised that some one as flagrantly experimental and niche as me managed to make it.

Of course, a lot more than that has happened while the site was down…

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Even More Video Coverage.

Posted on January 31st, 2007

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Though this time I can only link you to the site. I’m not in it a lot, but there is yet another angle of me performing w/ Nursehella, yet another angle of me performing with MCeeP, me interrupting the dispute between MC Plus+ and Monzy, and footage of me autographing a CD for the girls of Nontourage. Barring the stage_6 footage and maybe a little more footage from Podtech/GETV, I think that finally puts Vegas/CES to bed. 15 minutes expended 😉

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Even More Pointless Video!

Posted on January 30th, 2007

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Yeah, I went to a Vista launch party for laughs. Had I not already eaten, I would have been all up ons those hamburgers. I didn’t buy Vista of course though.

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Posted on January 27th, 2007

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Gratuitous Video – GeekEntertainmentTV on CES Nerdcore, Part 1 – As is the custom as of late, more video of me (and a number of my fellow nerdcore mcs, namely Nursehella, Zealous1, MCeeP.) I think I’m in this video too much, and my dorkitude is more evident than ever. Also, one can see my undawears, as Homestar Runner might say.

Gratuitous and self-indulgent side thought: The chapters of Nana that are currently running in Shojo Beat are hitting home in a downright bizarre way for me, and yet, while it’s almost unsettling to think just how well I can relate to the situations in that manga, it’s very cathartic and almost revealing at the same time. It’s opening up some interesting perspectives on my own current events, and simultaneously it’s like the things I’ve experienced me have allowed me to better enjoy Nana, or at least better understand where certain characters are coming from. I mean, Hachi, as a character, I used to write off as a bit of caricature – her personality and actions didn’t seem believable to me in some ways – where as Nana, with her pride and love of music really resonated with me; I get being a musician, and I get the DIY mentality. However, I think I get Hachi now too – I understand that personality type is not only plausible, it’s perhaps part of how I conduct myself sometimes as well, so it sort of reveals something about me to me, and then that in that turn reveals a whole new perspective of how to view Nana and what it’s trying to communicate. Beyond that, it’s perhaps even given me a better idea about how a lot of my friends might feel about me and my actions, or rather it gives me some sense of their modus operendi which definitely eases my mind a little.

Of course, I’m fully aware that I could just be over-analyzing, but even if I am, it’s nice to flex those muscles. Lately in review work, I haven’t much in the way of really philosophically, psychologically, spiritually or emotionally intriguing animation come across my desk (the best I’ve seen lately is Rumbling Hearts, and it’s only an emotional kick for the most part,) and I’ve not even seen much coming out of Japan that tickles those senses – heck, I’ve probably seen more Western live-action films that engage my philosopher mode (cases in point: Stranger Than Fiction and Children of Men.) As such, to at least have one manga that is forcing me to think, to be introspective from different perspectives, is very welcome. Even if I’m just over-stretching to connect to my own life, the fact it’s getting me to think about my own life is probably a very good thing.

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It’s like a video blog lately…

Posted on January 21st, 2007

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But I guess that’s how things go these days when apparently everyone think nerdcore is video-worthy. Anyway, here’s some video of me at Fuel, performing that classic nerdcore track, “Nerdcore Life.” Beware of 200+ bpm rapping after the last pass of the chorus:

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Surreality Get

Posted on January 20th, 2007

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So, did a show last night, and though I’d say my DDR score for my whole performance was probably a C+, there were certain songs I managed to AAA/S on, and my freestyle, though probably too confrontational, was atleast a B. The other artists did great sets, especially Nursehella and Beefy who never missed a step, and Mr. Door, Tanuki and TG punched in with some great work too. The after-party/breakfast/podcast recording at Denny’s was great too, so basically, it was a solid evening.

Meanwhile, I ended up getting booked for a show on the 14th of February at the Columbia City Theatre (an all-ages venue,) where Romance Language will be officially released and properly debuted, and I have another gig at the same venue on March 15th (which IIRC replaces the gig that was going to be at Fuel on the 9th.) The line up for both gigs have yet to be fully solidified, but I’ll be sure to post about stuff once it’s known.

Thanks again to all the artists and to NWNerdcore for putting together an awesome show. I look forward to doing more work in the future, and I promise to be more rehearsed and on point.

PS: While waiting for the album, here is some rough footage of a track I performed at the CES after-party in The Bloghaus:

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