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Posted on July 9th, 2021

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I’m Karl Olson, and I’m a software developer, a musician/producer and an occaisional animation website moderator/staff writer.

If you want to know about my career in software, just check my LinkedIn.

Musically, I focus on Nerdcore, though I also do a lot of Drum n’ Bass, Hyperpop, Minimal Techno, Big Beat, Ambient, Drill, Trap EDM and Vaporwave. I finished my most recent full-length Nerdcore Hyperdrill LP, Deep Neurotic Network in 2023.

Meanwhile, I very occasionally volunteer as a moderator and staff writer at Anime Superhero (formerly known as ToonZone,) an animation news and discussion site, as I’m a rather knowledgeable anime and manga fan. I’ve made a lot of good friends through this work, and it’s kept my writing skills sharp. The archives of my writing at Anime Superhero are here & here. Watch this space – I’ll eventually have an archive of all of these reviews for download.

Anyway, maybe these interviews, media mentions and reviews of my albums and songs can explain more (there’s a lot of dead links – stick to the annotations or download everything recovered in a single zip):

If you’re more audio/visually inclined here’s some select performance and interview footage, though anything not on YouTube is lost to link rot. Links left as is for archival purposes only:

Here a couple documentaries I am featured in as a subject/commentator: