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Posted on March 13th, 2021

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So, the next Ultraklystron album, Karlland, is already done. There’s singles for pretty much every track already cued up on the major streaming services for the coming months, though my Bandcamp Club Members will get them and the full album about 2 weeks ahead of each wider release. Lots of spoilers like track titles and album art are available in this twitter thread, but I figured for the handful of folks reading this blog (probably my oldest fans and a few tech recruiters,) I’d embed a playlist that’ll be updated as I get tracks into wider release:

I know Audius is a bit of niche platform, but since it provides soundcloud-like functionality without upload caps, it’s a nice secondary place for me to post music and build playlists. I’ve already got all of my publicly released vocal music up there now, and I’m considering uploading all of my instrumental work too as it makes it pretty easy to push in bulk compared to most platforms. Plus, folks seem to be actually listening to my music there, and it’s driving people back to my socials and my Bandcamp, though maybe that’s just crypto-mania (Audius has the $AUDIO token to denote ownership of the platform by artists.) I don’t know, and if you listen to one of my recent songs, you know I don’t care necessarily either.

I know also that the single-by-single drip is not the most satisfying means of taking in fresh music from your favorites as a long time listener sometimes. Albums are a rush and an experience, but only if you’re already pretty into an artist. Besides, singles seems to be the structure of modern music, and while this is just my hobby, I won’t go against the grain of the medium except for when I’m trying to by design (IE: my instrumental albums are staying albums.) Thus, that means dropping singles first usually because for a tiny bit of extra effort on my end, I’m in everyone’s inboxes/feeds/new music playlists/etc. 10 or more times, not once. More reminders mean more streams, follows, downloads, etc. and that means I don’t feel so bad about spending time on a hobby I know I could mostly enjoy on my smart phone uploading direct to Bandcamp without outside distribution. I even double-checked this assertion by dropping two all new vocal albums last year, Just You Wait And See and Zenith. The prior had all pre-release singles while the latter didn’t, and there was a 25%+ increase in streams and sales, so I might as well get it.

Anyway, if the slow drip is annoying, check back around about June. I’ll have an album for your summer because it’s not even spring and it’s done. I even learned how to master to -14 LUFS so it’ll sound better on all the streaming services, no extra leveling.

PS: ICYMI, did a TeeSpring for Merch for KARLLAND. The album title was a joke that fell out of this twitter thread, so this is another reason why this is a hobby – I can just do silly stuff like this, no risk!

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