Do the right thing

Posted on November 27th, 2012

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Just after midnight, as Danielle and I drove back from a early birthday dinner at Lolita’s Cantina, we spotted an older person in only their underwear and a T-shirt walking down Hastings. As it was freezing outside, we circled back and offered the man my coat (it was just an old one from Target.) He asked for a ride to a shelter, and since he was mostly lucid (he had been walking in the wrong direction,) we let him in and drove him down. It turns out he had a drunken argument with his girlfriend, and she’d kicked him out. As we dropped him off, I recalled that I had a fleece blanket, a spare pair of Kmart sneakers, some granola bars and some vitamin waters in the back of the car, so I popped the trunk, and Danielle outfitted the man as best as we could. He said it was quite nice of us, but Danielle commented afterwards that it wasn’t something extraordinary; it was just the right thing to do.

Still, it feels good to do the right thing.

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