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Posted on October 5th, 2012

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Or, why I’ve added a new category to the blog.

I’ve come to realize that when I don’t have school work to do, music to write/produce for other rad musicians, or reviews to write about cartoons, I should probably try to be proactive in keep my programming skills sharp. While I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing anything too serious at the moment, I figure short Python scripts might be a good plan. Thus, I’ve added a code section to my blog, and (hopefully) this means I put the extra time in my day that isn’t going into the above responsibilities into something more productive than reading up on internet news I’ll forget a day later.

Eventually, these posts will just be updates that say I’ve posted something new to git-hub or something similar, but to inaugurate this, I have written a little script that compares cost of ownership between two cars. Check it out after the break.

##the utterly simplified car cost comparison script v.0.1
##author: karl olson
##known issues: ignores the cost of automotive maintenance such oil changes,
##let alone cost of part should something break down. would need enhancements
##to compare vehicles that run on fuels that have different costs.

print ('Automatic Automotive Cost Comparison')
print ('Finds how many miles you have drive before the difference ' +
'between two cars washes out.')

##get car prices, average mpg, gas prices
car1price = int(input('Enter first automobile\'s price: '))
car1mpg = int(input('Enter first automobile\'s average mpg: '))
car2price = int(input ('Enter second automobile\'s price: '))
car2mpg = int(input ('Enter second automobile\'s average mpg: '))
gasprice = int(input('Enter gas price: '))

##take the price difference between the two models
##v.0.1 - lazy assumption that second car is cheaper
##also assumes that the first car has a higher mpg

##miles traveled so far - 0 since they are new
milage = 0

##swap prices/data so that end user can enter vehicles in any order rather than
##high price first, low price second
if (car1price < car2price): temp = car1price car1price = car2price car2price = temp temp = car1mpg car1mpg = car2mpg car2mpg = temp ##if mpg of the more expensive vehicle is less than the less expensive vehicle ##don't even bother running the price comparison algorithm if (car1mpg <= car2mpg): print('total of cost of ownership will never reach parity.') else: ##take the initial price difference between the two models pricediff = car1price-car2price ##calculate total costs so far for each car until the prices of the second ##reaches the first while (pricediff > .01):

#calulate number of gallons price difference buys you
gallons = pricediff/gasprice

#calulate total milage so far.
milage = milage + (gallons * car2mpg)

##add price difference to car 1
car2price = car2price + pricediff

##add fuel economy adjusted price difference to car 2
##also assumes that the first car has a higher mpg
car1price = car1price + (pricediff * (car2mpg / car1mpg))

##print results so far.
##print(int(car1price), int(car2price), int(milage), int(pricediff))

##take the price difference again for next loop
pricediff = car1price-car2price

print('$', int(car1price), ' is where ownership costs for both cars ' +
'are the same, and they will been driven for ' , int(milage) , ' miles.')

Or, since my code tag css could use some help itself, you can download the code itself.

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