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Posted on May 28th, 2012

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The webstore is back up. It’s still not pretty, but for the first time ever, I can offer international shipping. It is, in the words of Mr. Dink, “very expensive”, but it’s there. For those who don’t buy things, have a fresh mediafire upload of Animatic at the store as well. My friends said I should’ve made the free version .wma files, but I am not a sadist.

Meanwhile, I want to take a moment to recommend two releases by two artists who I think any fan of mine would almost certainly enjoy. In fact, both are at least two orders of magnitude more popular than me anyway, so I really hope my half-dozen regular readers already copped these releases and know these people. Let’s not leave anything to chance though:

Richie Branson – Otaku Tuesdays v.1: Richie is a dope mc and a producer, and he is self-proclaimed King of Otaku Rap. Normally, I’m not sold on boasts like that, but much like YT Cracker’s self-proclaimed crown, it’s 100% legit. He sticks to themes, while not sacrificing delivery and production. Every track covers a seminal piece of anime, yet it never feels impersonal nor like simple summary – he makes each track count. For any friend you can’t get into HipHop, Richie is probably the best gateway artist since Random, and like Ran, his style makes him a great Nerdcore artist to relay to Hip-hop-obsessed friends. He and I are currently working on a collab centered around The Big O, and really, I just hope I manage to keep pace. You should check him out.

Adam WarRock – NeoTokyo: Speaking of sticking to themes, Adam WarRock knocks it out of the park with his new Akira-themed release, NeoTokyo. Adam’s an amazing MC as well, and it’s definitely on display here. He definitely captures the story and setting of Akira, and DecepticoN punches in with fitting and clean production. The impressive part is that this is basically the average for WarRock; he’s been knocking it out of the park like this for a while now, and previous works touch on anime as well; for example, he samples Evangelion on his track “Human” off his second album, “You Dare Call That Thing Human​?​!​?” and the usage was dead on. All this culminates in a similar refrain on my part: if you’re not following Adam WarRock, you should be.

All in all, otaku-centric Nerdcore was never something I could ever really lay sole claim to anyway, but these days, I really think anyone into me should be aware of artists working with the same themes. You’re missing out on too much otherwise.

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