Animatic is Out

Posted on April 13th, 2012

Filed under: Music News — Karl Olson @ 3:01 pm

Buy the fancy version.

Steal the regular version.

Coming soon, get the regular version on a plastic disk, get the fancy version as audio files free!

It’s done. It’s apparently somewhere between 1000 and over 9000 tracks depending on whose twitter you follow. I really hope people enjoy it. I mean, I’d like people to buy it too, but frankly, I’ll be happy with as many people as possible embracing the album. I hope it connects with people. It’s all the stuff I love and think about, and it’s all wrapped into what I think is pretty catchy and fun package, even when I’m being more serious.

But, like I say right at the start of the album’s first first, “Sixth’s time the charm, but even I am skeptical.”

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