what anime cons can learn from i/o

Posted on May 29th, 2009

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It’s not the ridiculous freebies (though working on the anime companies to get rid of their old single DVD backstock as a bag stuffer would be slick, just like how they got rid of their VHSes back in the day) it’s not the elements that blatantly crossover anyway (late-night parties with crazy dancing, great music, awesome sociable people, and the like are welcome at any nerdy con, and are in full effect whether you’re at I/O, PAX or any anime con,) no it’s more simple than that.

You see, the Google I/O badge had a little schedule guide w/ map jammed right in the back of the badge, and you could easily fold it over to the section of the schedule you were probably there for anyway (like Android panels or OpenSocial Panels.) Now, maybe you couldn’t quite do it the same way at a big anime con with scads of panels, but putting a simple script on the con’s website that’d allow proactive attendees to print a little list of all the panels they wanted to hit that they could jam in back of their pass would be super convenient.

Oh, and the self check-in option at would be neat to replicate as well. It could dramatically drop the wait time in lines for pre-registered guests at least, and at large cons like AX or Otakon, wouldn’t be much if any of a cost burden. If anything, you may be able to free up volunteers for more pressing business.

PS: Check out the first round of Google I/O media from me, namely photos.

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