A Grand Gear Sell Off

Posted on October 12th, 2008

Filed under: Music News — Karl Olson @ 1:48 pm

Before I put these up on ebay or take them to a Guitar Center/a Pawn Shop, I figured I’d have a shot a getting rid some pieces of gear directly to people I know. Is anyone interested in:

Behringer EuroRack UB502 Mixer – $25 + Shipping.
Alesis NanoVerb – $50 + Shipping.
KeyFax Phat-Boy v.1 Midi Parameter Controller – $60 + Shipping.
Yamaha SU200 Sampler – $125 + Shipping.

They’re all in very, very good condition, have been very gently used, and the sampler and mixer still have their original boxes. Hit me up via one of the methods on the contact page if you’re interested or have questions.

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