Nerdcore 64

Posted on September 13th, 2008

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Link to video in case the above embed doesn’t crosspost to LJ.

Look for me leaving The Mega64 Panel at PAX2008 at about 44 minute and 54 seconds in. You’ll also see my friend Derek and Nerdcore rapper MC Gigahertz also leaving, as we were on our way to catch the West Coast premiere of Nerdcore Rising.

So, what can this post yield more than goofy video of me saying “NERDCORE RISING, BABY, WHAT!?!” Well, Nerdcore Rising is a good documentary, and it compliments Nerdcore For Life well – one gives you the godfather of the genre and the realities of his first tour, and one gives you an overview of the genre he helped to create, and in retrospect, it only it makes sense to document these things separately. Additionally, the Mega64 guys turned out to the PAX premiere of Nerdcore For Life, and they really dug the movie and the people in it.

Everything comes full circle I suppose.

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