Win/Fail #1: g0S/McMocha

Posted on November 18th, 2007

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Win: gOS. Definitely the most idiot proof and quick booting Linux I’ve played with, and it also looks quite good. Now more than ever, I wish their was Reason for Linux. I mean, Linux at least has drivers for my pro-grade sound card, unlike Vista.

Fail: McDonald’s Cafe Mocha. Too much chocolate (and the wrong kind of chocolate at that,) and not nearly enough coffee. Plus, the cost wasn’t particularly lower than the Starbucks down the street, so it’s not even a decent value buy. In fact, the Mochas from the nearby Costco are vastly superior, and they are only a buck.

Oh, and this:
promotional image for the new album due out on November 27th

So far it’s on schedule.

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