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Posted on June 25th, 2007

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The first Ultraklystron song for the Desu Desu Desu mixtape, namely Not Your Personal Rapper, rapped over a backing unintentionally provided by Jesse Dangerously as it’s the backing from “Outfox’d” from his album Interalia. He put it up as part of a “rate your cover of me”-thing, but I fail at reading directions and rapped some original lyrics (which are in the “…more” of this post) over the song instead.

Not Your Personal Rapper
by Karl Olson

I will not freestyle for you after the show
Won’t battle or keystyle – no, I don’t think you blow
I just know that I’m tired – yeah, I’m pretty exhausted
So by drunk rappers, I won’t be accosted

It’s not even a particularly fair fight, right?
You’re 10 steps passed loaded, and I’ve been fronting all night
So I won’t say that by me you’ll be so out-paced
But I’ll doubt be erased by a man who’s so faced
That he’s fighting with friends, that he has to pretend
That he’s the big man in the club, just by rapping against
A tired nerdcore MC wearing an anime shirt
Who never acts up in the club because he isn’t a flirt

Or more to the point, I never get tore up
So even though I’m exhausted, I could still shore up
Everything I’m flowing with, so you should knowing this
Otherwise you’ll be humiliated – you’ll be blowing this
Chance to look awesome, yes, so fresh and hyphy
The chance to be the greatest – yeah you could be like me
But I refuse to take part – yeah, I won’t let you strife me
With your pucca shell necklace, khaki shorts and nikes.


Unless you’re geek like me, we’ll never decide a winner
I’ll rap about Sailor Moon, while you rap about spinners
Rap about Sugar Rune, while you rap about hotties
My rap will be clean, while your rap will be bawdy
That’s apples and oranges, that’s not that fair
So that’s just another reason why I do not care
And if you’re not tore up, then you’ve probably been planning
Meanwhile, I’m burned out, so I doubt I’ll be scanning

My freestyle card, into my verbal e-reader
Already used my HP, but I am no conceiter
If we’re ever both playing gigs, in the same place
Maybe right before the show, we could rhyme with taste
It could be key or battle, either way works
But at this moment in time, I’m refusing you jerks
Who think I’m just a chump, and that I’m easy to take
I just can’t be bothered, though there’s nothing at stake


Probably the meanest thing I’ve written not about a company.

PS: Possible Mixtape Cover. Lame looking, I know.
desu desu desu mixtape cover

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