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Posted on June 16th, 2007

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the never knows - never yours album cover

OTOH, I’m not that hot on that album cover, and I won’t release it until I make a good one or someone else makes a good one.

However, the tracklisting’s ready:

disc 1 – never knows best
01. pop idol
02. new coin
03. alpha series
04. heavy door
05. cocoon
06. clerk
07. misago
08. mobile doll
09. mima
10. blackened feather
11. steel track
12. day of raising
13. new day

disc 2 – never yours to share it
01. sea of stars
02. lone wolf a
03. blueberry honey
04. bounty hunter
05. ran
06. negotiator
07. last love song
08. won’t let up
09. artist team
10. lone wolf b
11. tracer
12. fun (the remix just for me)
13. mima suite (bonus track)

total run time: 134 minutes.

side note: I’m not remastering these songs any. They’re well mixed and produced, just a bit quiet. You’ll have to play them back at about double the volume of my new material.

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