Z O M G Torrents.

Posted on June 7th, 2006

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Rhyme Torrents that is, as in the first disc of that compilation is now up online as a torrent. And it’s fairly awesome. It’s by no means perfect, but pretty much everyone raises their game when they aren’t in fact delivering for the first time, though the debut tracks on this CD are fantastic. Particular favorites are as follows:

Nursehella – Nursehellamentary – Absolutely off the hook. With lines like “I’m super evil dead / so won’t you hail to the queen,” combined with her ODB meets Mia delivery and Baddd Spellah’s intensionally raw but excellent production, and it’s got indie radio classic written all over it. It just explodes with personality, and it’s one heck of a track to step on the scene with.

Beefy – Tub of Tabasco – Easily the best rapper in all of Pasco. On a more serious note, he leveled up his game yet again, and the result is just awesome. Funny, energetic and generally great in a party rap way, though there is certainly plenty of wit in their as well.

Monzy – Kill Dash Nine – If you get the reference in the title, you’re already pretty darn nerdy, and after the smart alek 50 cent reference at the very opening of the song (“G STUDENT”,) from there it’s a non-stop barrage of computer references, all in the context of furthering the CS geeksta feud between Monzy and MC Plus+, and with lines like “You thought the seven-layer model /referred to a burrito,” I think there will continue to be “drama in the Ph.D.”

Lil Nix – Off the Markov – Speaking of Comp Sci feuds, Lil Nix swoops in and makes her own claim to be the best Comp Sci mc. The production is a bit plain, but her delightfully jazzy and ambient flow combined with lines like “Homeboy couldn’t program a TI-82,” and “I dream in assembly” result in pretty cool little track.

MC Frontalot vs. Baddd Spellah – Nerdcore Hip Hop 2006 – Absolutely sick. The word “crunk” even applies here – I’m almost expecting Lil Jon to pop out at any minute and be like “NEEEEEEERDCOOOOOOOOORE.” Baddd Spellah just recontextualizes the song excellently, and the additional elements recorded for this new mix are awesome (“In the dos double O six! Uhhh, that’s what year it is, currently.”)

Shael Riley feat Beefy – Miss Information – Filthy, smart alek and insane, but the flows are excellent and the misinformation on various nerdcore mcs is witty and sharp (their jab at me “What’s the problem my son? It seems that you met my friend Ultraklystron! He’s a werewolf, by gum / and he can’t stand Japanese Animation.” The production is pretty pretty solid too.

Oh yeah, my contribution and Rai’s track are the best. Totally 😉

/yes, I will be doing this for each disc as they are released.
//or not.

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