Yes, More SakuraCon Photos

Posted on March 31st, 2006

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Though this set is composed of a fraction of Jim’s shots.

The shots were too good, and so I had to jump the gun. Besides, sooner it’s up, the sooner they can be attached to my write up for Toon Zone.

Everything to the Pirate vs. Ninjas battle to what if Iron Chef Sekai was a young woman is resolved in the pictures linked there. Also, we see the Dee Dees from Batman Beyond singing the OP theme to Excel Saga, Mini Stun-Gun Millie, a VA in cosplay, the Ultimate Battle Between FMA and Bleach, A Guilty Gear Massacre and the Fantametal Alchemist team.

You heard right, Fantana cosplayers who happen to be with a pair of state alchemists. Fandom, you never cease to amaze and disturb me with your wicked sense of humor.

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