This Year’s Anime For Karl? Finally?

Posted on October 19th, 2005

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Just watched the first episode of Paradise Kiss. You know, I’ve been waiting all year for an anime like this – something that’s really neat and fresh. I mean, maybe it’s just that in a sea of garbage, even the dimmest gem shines like a fine diamond. However, I really think it’s an issue of real quality. It is pretty well made, and it’s got a style and design that agrees with me (so pretty and elegant.) It has a sense of humor I can get into (great use of SD and even Looney Tunes-like humor.) It has good music. It has good characters. I mean, it’s a pretty straightforward fairy tale – buttoned down girl broadens her horizons and becomes a pretty model. It’s not necessarily life changing stuff, atleast not yet, but it’s got a level quality and style that’s just been lacking in this year’s batch of new anime. It’s nice to see a short show that’s not just fanboy fodder (KamiChu comes close to fulfilling that requirement, though it’s a little too light at points – kinda uneven – not like I can make great evaluation of it since noone is subbing it regularly.) Maybe it’s just fangirl fodder instead, but if it is, it’s at the excellent, worth-while end of that spectrum. Maybe it just hits a lot of the right notes with me personally, and it’s crap to most people, but I don’t particularly care if that’s the case. Never have been.

To put it another way, I’m really really looking forward to the next episode, and I already wish it was licenced so I could look forward to DVDs with high-rez video. Haven’t had that feeling since… well, Beck.

PS: My thoughts on the Boondocks here.

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