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Posted on September 25th, 2009

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I am back from Victoria, BC after a lovely visit with Danielle. She showed me around the city, and I have to say to all my goth loli friends and my otaku friends – get up there and visit. Between the lovely tea rooms, old architecture and awesome china town, you must see that city when you get the chance. Anyways, she and I had a fantastic time. We saw GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan live, we went to a bunch of cute restaurants (all of which were quite economical,) we watched tons of anime (Ouran Host Club) and we walked all over the city! We even won trivia night at the hostel we were staying at, netting us free gift certificates for the hostel cafe and a local diner, and we also won at the Deal or No Deal arcade game at the first try, netting us cute folding fans. I am looking forward to future visits as well. Victoria’s a lovely city – pity UVic won’t take any of my BCC credits without way too much effort spent.

Next up, in the interest of maybe spurring some interest in my most recent commercial release, The Fourth Estate, I’ve decided to pull a Random and release a shareware, stripped down version of the same record, in this iteration called The Free Estate. It’s only 11 songs (vs. 19 on the actual record,) and it’s encoded in 128kbps mp3 for that late 90s piracy sound. Download it from one of the several links below before the links inevitable dead links happen:


Lastly, you may want to check out the song I’ve done for Nerdcore Rising’s Song Fight. I don’t really want to win (chance to see NYC aside,) but it’s a fun song you should totally check out. Lyrics are after the break.

feature creep
by Karl Olson

seems there’s been a bit feature creep
cause hiphop now ain’t about the street
it’s all about NEET’s, it’s all about geeks
bauds and bits are what defines the chic

seems there’s been a bit feature creep
cause hiphop now ain’t about the street
it’s all about NEET’s, it’s all about geeks
download now while the connection peaks

nerdcore is dead, thought mc lars shot it
wait it’s contagious and everybody got it
i check that lupe, i check that wale
and they do is talk about the nerd all day
i mean it’d be nice, just to rap conscious
forget about comics, to enter in a contest
and not drop a reference IN every last verse
put anime in last and lyrics in first

or dumb it all down with a soulja boy hook
even *he* cranks robocop, on a second look
they gab about their iphones on hot 97
while I program for android, yeah i’m go-gettin
but am I upsettin when I nod fruits basket?
give it 6 months, and these rappers be askin
to get hatsune miku to sing on the beat
that’s nerd autotune, i guess nobody’s street

nerdcore snuck in now everyone’s nerdy
look at kanye’s blog, and how he absurdly
obsesses over girls like an akiba ota
it seems real clear that he’s not a soldier
and the same facts come again and again
just name a rapper, i’ll take up my pen
fugees nod coleco, biggie loved sega
everyone makes game jokes when talkin bout playas

we crept from shaolin, we crept from crenshaw
and where did we creep? to the suburbs y’all
in the suburbs where i was already coding
writing tight beats while windows was loading
hand held sequencers and game consoles
both taught me lots of hand-eye control
grew up on hiphop and on nintendo
so we all run game like our name’s gendo


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