Ultraklystron - The Fourth Estate
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson.
Copyright 2008-2009.

The latest album from nerdcore luminary Ultraklystron (does that sound egotistical enough, or should I bam that up yet another notch?) Look, it's a new record, with more club-oriented, more refined sound. Subject matter runs the gamut from playing videos games at an arcade ("he's an og") to be entranced by cosplayers and lolita-fashonistas ("gothic lolitas") to getting burned covering anime cons as press ("unfamiliar ceiling") to just loving cartoons ("animate"). Consider everything you lov

Critical Praise for The Fourth Estate:
"If you like rap, or if you’ve ever walked the geeky side of life, check this CD out." - Allowei, Chocolate Lemon

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01. death won’t stop this - lyrics
02. greatest - lyrics
03. gothic lolitas - lyrics
04. absolution - lyrics
05. dissonance - lyrics
06. outlines - lyrics
07. not a criminal - lyrics
08. dumb crush - lyrics
09. red shift - lyrics
10. carcinogenic - lyrics
11. webcam girls - lyrics
12. he’s an og - lyrics
13. nerd playa advisory - lyrics
14. animate - lyrics
15. d.y.k.m.k - lyrics
16. acta attack - lyrics
17. surprise surprise - lyrics
18. unfamiliar ceiling - lyrics
19. game over - lyrics

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Copyright 2008-2009 Karl Olson
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