Vaporwave & Vaportrap, Again

Posted on November 1st, 2016

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This time leveraging VHS tape idents, hence An Identity Crisis:




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Your Future Presentation

Posted on September 3rd, 2016

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A visual Future Funk & Vaportrap EP drawn from multiplex cinema policy trailers from days long past.

Free Download At Bandcamp.


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Long Time No See

Posted on June 17th, 2016

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First things first, I dropped a new album.

It’s also up a lot of other great services like Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

The reviews are really good so far.

Also, I dropped this EP:

I also dropped a bunch of instrumental releases on bandcamp and youtube, so if the above isn’t enough, subscribe and go in. I should be doing some production work for other artists this year as well; keep an eye out for it.


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Ultraklystron: Most Otaku Ever [M.O.E.] Mixtape

Posted on August 9th, 2015

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Ultraklystron – Most Otaku Ever [M.O.E.] Free Download

I know this is something I’ve been teasing for over a year, but here it is, finally. 7 otakucore/nerdcore tracks covering Texhnolyze, Ghost In The Shell, Earth Maiden Arjuna, Fruits Basket, Haibane Renmei, Onegai Teacher & Gravitation, thus covering a breadth of anime genres and HipHop production styles while I’m at it. I’m also happy with the concise the release is – I have backing for three more jams, but I’m back pocketing them for now. Since this release somewhat subliminally ended up as a love letter to the anime of the early 2000s/late 90s, I think I might try to keep a similar focus intentionally in future anyway, which the other tracks would’ve blown. That said, I know some of these titles are rather obscure, but really, that’s the point. I love the big name anime and manga as much as the next guy, but I wanted to show love to the more oddball stuff that actually kept me following the medium, and thus consequently had a huge impact on the path of my life. If anime hadn’t hooked me, well, that’s a full on alternate reality at this point. Being an otaku brought to where I am today, and since I quite enjoy what I do and who I know, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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New Otakucore Hiphop

Posted on May 31st, 2015

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Calling Out (Ghost in the Shell Tribute)

And in case you missed it, The City Awakes (Texhnolyze Tribute)

So yeah, I’m still working on The M.O.E. (Most Otaku Ever) Mixtape. Beats are locked in, but since it’s all gonna be themed tracks, I want to make sure I really represent the anime I’m sampling properly. It’s probably the toughest time I’ve had writing lyrics in a while, but it’s a good tough. The kind of work that sharpens my lyricism and focuses my attentions in a new way. Hopefully the result works well.


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