A Forgotten Trillbit Chiptrap Nightmare Rediscovered

Posted on January 23rd, 2013

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I do tend to write so much stuff that unless I make a point to render it out of Reason and stick in a playlist for future release, I will forget that I had it done. One such example is my latest little freebie EP release, Trillicon Chip:

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Basically, I’d written a bunch Chiptunes meets Trap with Dubstep wobble back in 2010 while taking the ferry over to Victoria to visit Nursehella while she was finishing her university degree. Since it was never really intended as anything other instrumental music, I probably banked the five tracks I’d hashed out, figuring I’d eventually get back to them as part of a bigger electronic release. However, it’s hit me that for a lot of what I’m writing, it makes no sense to hang on to it while I write more material, and so when I find something like these tracks in my archives, I don’t see the point in hanging on to them any more. Might as well put them out for the world to enjoy.

In fact, I think I want to stick to regular EPs in future, at least for my instrumental stuff. Check back in regularly through out the year, because this is just the tip of the stuff that I’ve been holding back.


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