Another One(s)

Posted on January 14th, 2021

Filed under: Music News — Karl Olson @ 10:49 pm

Another Music Distribution Option. This time, it’s Audius which I guess is backed by a bunch of EDM artists and producers. Has some weird blockchain nonsense involved too. However, it’s hyper-simple to reupload stuff too, and it doesn’t cost money, so I’m certainly game for another mirror for my music: Ultraklystron @ Audius.

Another Single. This time I’m talking satirically about anime company mergers. It’s been a kinda polarizing track for various reasons, and so it’ll probably remain an outlier. Might still get a remaster before any sort of collected album too, though I’m probably going to lean towards singles for vocal driven songs from here on out because it’s smaller bites of work – keeps things light and fun:

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