Ultraklystron - The Fourth Estate
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson.
Copyright 2008-2009.

The latest album from nerdcore luminary Ultraklystron (does that sound egotistical enough, or should I bam that up yet another notch?) Look, it's a new record, with more club-oriented, more refined sound. Subject matter runs the gamut from playing videos games at an arcade ("he's an og") to be entranced by cosplayers and lolita-fashonistas ("gothic lolitas") to getting burned covering anime cons as press ("unfamiliar ceiling") to just loving cartoons ("animate"). Consider everything you lov

Critical Praise for The Fourth Estate:
"If you like rap, or if you’ve ever walked the geeky side of life, check this CD out." - Allowei, Chocolate Lemon

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01. death won’t stop this - lyrics
02. greatest - lyrics
03. gothic lolitas - lyrics
04. absolution - lyrics
05. dissonance - lyrics
06. outlines - lyrics
07. not a criminal - lyrics
08. dumb crush - lyrics
09. red shift - lyrics
10. carcinogenic - lyrics
11. webcam girls - lyrics
12. he’s an og - lyrics
13. nerd playa advisory - lyrics
14. animate - lyrics
15. d.y.k.m.k - lyrics
16. acta attack - lyrics
17. surprise surprise - lyrics
18. unfamiliar ceiling - lyrics
19. game over - lyrics

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Copyright 2008-2009 Karl Olson
webcam girls by Karl Olson ch. Everybody loves cute girls on webcams Everybody loves cute girls with nice gams Everybody loves cute girls who love noobs Everybody loves cute girls on youtube v1. Get freaky on the webcam / if you're of age If not you're banned / and your post is saged I know 4chan thinks / JB's the rage But you gotta watch out / for the fed's gage FBI Party Van / rocks their ECHELON Breaking down doors / til the break of dawn So if you're up on a cam / better be 18 Preferably older / with a nerdy lean Legs gotta be long / to be loved by throng Gotta be fabulous / like your name's Pete Tong Need to be the cutie / who's a bit tootie fruity Pop, lock and drop that / automatic bizooty And yeah I rhyme-checked beck / like you would know You're too busy noddin' / to my nerd house flow If you like this beat / then ride it like a rodeo Forward me the address / when you post that video (ch.) v2. And I'm not a sleaze / and you're not a tease So on both of those notes / let me put you at ease You're a webcam sweetie / and I know you're new to this But you can trust me / I'm not like Ludacris Don't shake ya money maker / I'm not that crass As to make any demands / on that stuff I'll pass I tryed to be controlling / but that stuff was lame Manipulation / just was not my game But I like what you post / on youtube often Like how you like / the songs I'm droppin That's how I found you / I saw your video's tags Saw my name there / saw how you bragged About owning my CDs / all first printings So for you girl / this song I'm minting Catch you on the low / sunglasses tinting See you on your cam / banner ads glinting ' breakdown: i can't believe doing this track... this is goofy...