Ultraklystron - Romance Language
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson, except for "shoujo n' shonen," which was written and performed by Karl Olson, Danielle Prokop and David Cheong, and was recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson and David Cheong.
Copyright 2007.
Romance Language tackles some different ground for nerdcore. The main focus of the disc is an 11 song arc about romance, love and various other things in that vein. Musically, everything from classic hiphop to crunk to grimecore to ambient/hiphop fusion is in play, likely much to dismay of perspective listeners. Meanwhile, the bonus tracks feature some remastered rarities from the RhymeTorrents compilations, some remixes (or perhaps rather premixes) of songs that'll be featured on Opensource Lyricist and some songs that ultimately didn't fit the flow of Opensource Lyricist or the arc nor of Romance Language. It clocks in 20 tracks officially, though there might be a few hidden tracks too ;). It's 8 bucks including S&H.

Critical Praise for Romance Language:
"Karl Olson weaves a complex web of sense images in his work [...] you won't be disappointed." - Z, Hipster Please!.

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broken sutures - lyrics
girls with glasses - lyrics
cosplay-free saturday - lyrics
shoujo n' shonen (feat. nursehella & baddd spellah) - lyrics
hearts bangin - lyrics
well that's moe - lyrics
chocolat cay-kee - lyrics
amour - lyrics
sunlight - lyrics
home - lyrics
girls with glasses (reprise) - lyrics
front to the back (k-beam remix) - lyrics
so long kids (remix) - lyrics
scenester blues (remaster) - lyrics
opensource lyricist (remix) - lyrics
the mind explodes (remaster) - lyrics
cuteness (remix) - lyrics
gleam - lyrics
hit reply (remix) - lyrics
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Copyright 2007 Karl Olson
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