Ultraklystron - Opensource Lyricist
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson.
Copyright 2005-2007.

The vaguely anticipated follow up to the relatively successful nerdcore LPs (in terms of Karl Olson's prior success,) Revision 4920 and Romance Language. Clocking in at about 80 minutes of original, new material and $14 including shipping and handling, Opensource Lyricist continues the tradition layed down in 4920 of confusing any and all listeners. Lyrically, the new LP not only stays true to the otaku-oriented roots of the first LP (earn it,) but expands into new territory, such as storytelling pieces about the life of a gachapon (coin figure,) talking with a producer at an anime con (priceless,) gnu public licencing (opensource lyricist) and even protest songs (so long kids.)

Critical Praise for Opensource Lyricist:
"I could probably sit down and come up with piles of accolades to pile up for each track, but honestly if you have heard any of the previous albums you should stop reading right now and go to his site and pick this one up." - Pure Defect

"Do I recommend the CD? Highly." - Ben Boemer, Gaijin Side.

"A devasting nerdcore masterpiece." - Jevon, Hi-Sci-Fi.

"It's f***ing good!" - Garrett, Mega 64 Podcast Episode 66.

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opensource lyricist - lyrics
earn it - lyrics
so long kids - lyrics
eighty three - lyrics
internet - lyrics
decisions - lyrics
PAeXpo - lyrics
mahou shonen theme - lyrics
mc urban planner - lyrics
void function - lyrics
priceless - lyrics
fashionable - lyrics
hit reply - lyrics
hikikomori - lyrics
script kiddie blues - lyrics
full disclosure - lyrics
coin figure - lyrics
cuteness - lyrics
it's the beat - lyrics
five to nine - lyrics

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Copyright 2005-2007 Karl Olson
Script Kiddie Blues by Karl Olson v1. I'm the definition 1337 h4x0r Your firewall takes no time to craxor You should've better protected your system Because your on a basic cable modem What Did you believe the guy @ circut city when he said your all of files would be secure That was definetely just a front G when he sold you that cheap, off the shelf router Now I won't look at all your crucial data That you put in a folder called private This ain't personal I'm not a playa hata Understand this I'm just h4x0r white hat I'm so not doing this just to be vicious I just think hackin open systems is delicious I hack through hubs, routers and switches Can't hide my footsteps cause I'm just another script kid ch. I'm proud of my actions I'm proud of my hacking Though the fact remains Script Kids are all The Same We've got no real skill But we still feel the thrill Until the FBI comes in With their licence to kill v2. I'll leave your online bank account alone Because I know that jail is where I'd be thown And I don't want to be violated By some guy into hitting on script kids Yay for Vigilante justice on the Internet Overload their website till they get it Only corporate power abusers Don't need to DOS the home user I will gladly hack up terrorist sites too Because they definetely deserve it dude My acts might be considered malicious But I definetely can't tolerate hatred Oh I think I'm hearing pounding on my door But I think I knew this day was coming Time to microwave my system and my stores Illicit software, music and everything (interlude after the lyrics...) me: what? they have the internet in jail? guy: Yeah me: I can use it? really? guy: Yeah. me: wait, this is dial up, and it's AOL? Noooooooooooooo! Well, I guess that's what I deserve for hacking Gates' home system and remotely installing Linux. I was just kidding... I think... Well, not really. So when do they hand out the dinner menus?