Ultraklystron - Revision4920: A Nerdcore LP
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson.
Copyright 2004.

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Preview mp3s:
nerdcore life+ - (lyrics)
the legacy- (lyrics)
stumblin - (lyrics)
keen eye- (lyrics)
otaku soundsystem - (lyrics)
con life - (lyrics)
pilot - (lyrics)
nothing like me - (lyrics)
movement - (lyrics)
the loop - (lyrics)
start the pwnage - (lyrics)
nerdhop kutzz* - (lyrics)
nerdcore life (smooth remix)
nothing like me(g-step mix)
nerdcore life (jumpupoutyaseat remix)
the legacy (triboombient mix)
nerdcore life (zoneowner remix)
nothing like me (amicablebreak mix)
movement (disinnocent mix)
otaku soundsystem (galacticmasstransit mix)
keen eye (1983 mix)
con life (nimrod tsabari mix)~
+=produced by Galactic Boy.
~=produced by Nimrod Tsabari
*=produced by Blank Grid.

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