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Posted on August 28th, 2007

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To that OpenSource ending
Listen close you’ll hear what I’m about
People feel my truths.”

-Me paraphrasing Jay-Z

So, I’m taking a break from music. After basically losing my temper after a miserable PAX, and generally sort of so/so summer, and given that I just can’t really justify pushing onward when I can’t even get the basics right like being good to my girlfriend, and generally getting my life moving forward, I think to need simplify. Fact is, I need to get back into school (especially since I have my transfer degree from BCC now,) I need to get some gainful employment (especially since I can’t really eat off of my music at the moment,) and I need to get my own place (my parents are great people, but I have to prove myself out in the world, or atleast give it a real shot – if I don’t, atleast I know that I have a caring family to fall back on – not everyone can say that.)

Besides, I don’t think I even really have the heart to do much musically at the moment – all that’d probably come out is dumb emo rap, and lets face it, no one wants to hear that. I will get Rai’s album done, and I’ll make beats for Nursehella when ever she wants them, but beyond that, I’m just not feeling it (if a raft of people want Opensource, maybe I’ll get a run done since all the song for that are ready; however, I doubt that, so maybe I’ll just try to get it on iTunes or something.) I think part of the problem was all this stuff was going to my head, yet, I really didn’t have the basics down. That’s backwards. I think I should be successful and happy in the rest of the facets of my life first before trying to be a public figure of any sort, even in the only vaguely internet famous way that I am. If I don’t, I risk messing things up worse than before.

I’m sorry if I’m letting anyone down or getting anyone’s spirits down by saying all this, so allow me to end on a note of hope; I think Nerdcore is going to be massive with or without me, and that’s a good thing. I mean, if taking one person out of scene meant that it wasn’t going to function, that would have meant it doesn’t really have the legs to go somewhere, right? However, as I saw during the concerts at PAX (when I wasn’t being kicked out from them even though I had a special guest pass,) and just by the general attention and recognition the luminaries of this young genre received, Nerdcore is in better shape than ever. There are wonderfully talented people who are just beginning their careers, and they are the proof that this all has legs beyond just the 1st and 2nd generation acts. I mean, when the 3rd gen acts are already holding their own with people who have been in the game for over 7 years now, that’s wonderful. I wish the best of luck to everyone who makes Nerdcore a priority in their life who are happy with that decision. You’re creating something brand new via your own talent and strength, and that’s lovely and awe-inspiring. Maybe one day, I’ll be strong enough again to stand beside you. I certainly don’t intend to give up with out a fight, I just need to fight through some other things first.


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