Half-Way Done In The Wrong Order…

Posted on February 16th, 2007

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The proper way to handle a CD release given the situation of being an online-oriented artist:

1. Release Promotional mp3s to entice fans.
2. Release CD via nice new online store.
3. Profit.

How I’ve handled it:

1. Release CD via mediocre new online store.
2. Release Promotional mp3s to entice fans.
3. Realize that no one’s going to buy this without mp3s up first, but I promise they’ll be up tomorrow.

To anyone bold/fanboyish/fangirlish enough to buy this on the single and the preview medley mp3 alone (IE: before I get the rest of the preview mp3s up,) I’ll autograph the CD with a silly internet meme or two, and I’ll put a nerdy anime sticker or two in with the CD. Oh, and the first print run has an unintentional grammatical error in the liner notes, which is sure to make the value skyrocket*.

*=Karl Olson, karlrolson.com and any related individuals or subsidiaries can not be held responsible for the fact that the odds of it ever being value are 963 quadrillion to 1. 😉


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